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This is a Boardgame invented by myself , it uses a chess board and 32 square chits with swords and shields on differeent edges. You and your oponant take turns to move a chit by one square, then swords clash or shields rotate the chits. The game has an A.I. to practice. on some of the chits are crowns these are your goals to capture. see image for further instructions

The strastegy can get complex, as you move towards the enemy your swords attack but as you move one square away they become targets, so you approach with shields, you must protect your crowns so surround them, there are all kinds of strategy in this game, just analyse a little and you will enjoy it. When people say easy to learn hard to master they mean games like this.

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Published 19 days ago
Tags2D, Board Game, Chess, DRM Free


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This is a neat little game! Only thing is that it's hard for me to understand what my opponent just did since you don't see them move their piece, leaving me a little confused at times on what just happened. Still, it's cool that you created your own board game!

on screen is a white button 'click to select - displaying your move' or it will say click to select - displaying computers move'  you can click it to swutch what move is shown. Thanks for your kind coment and for giving it a go.

AH okay then, got you!

it was great to get your thoughts, not many take the time thanks